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Planning Department

Oleance planning Department

Quality and Reliability

Oleance has highly qualified engineers and architectures who can easily help with you building project at any time. At Oleance Civils & Construction accuracy and speed are our game, we present you project on time and with good results.

Oleance Civils deals with a lot of building project both from the government and cooperate companies . For more information click the buttons below to visit the website or Contact Us.

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Scope of Projects Engagaed In.

Well coordinated

Quality and Reliability

Housing Construction
Road Network Construction
Academic Infrastructure Development
Clinics and Health Care Centre Development
Sport and Recreation Centres Development
Shopping Complexes Construction
Basic Agricultural Infrastructure Development
Agro-Processing Infrastructure Development
Skills Development

We have taken the burden upon ourselves as the first step to creating an enabling environment of the community to participate in development. Our aims include, construction of new and revitalisation of old infrastructure, facilitating access to information and technology, ensuring access to public amenities and facilities for easy access to government information and participation in community activities to strengthen social cohesion.

To achieve this we endeavor to mobilise and socialise of rural communities to take initiatives towards community development and eestablish community structures where they do not exist and seek out stakeholders to support community projects geared towards building a better society at large.

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